Teuxdeux Blog | Mar 23, 2020

5 Pro Tips to Get the Most Out of TeuxDeux

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We keep things simple around here. Throughout our entire 10+ years of existence, we’ve gone decidedly without all the bells and whistles on our app, knowing that a never-ending list of features does not an organized and productive user make.

That said…

We do have a couple (mindfully incorporated) bells and whistles that we’d like to remind you of!

1. Use markdown to style a selection of text or make links clickable.

  • *



  • **



  • [Example](http://example.com)

2. Create subheaders and lines

  • # Subheader Name

(Don’t forget the space between the pound sign and the subheader name!)

Two ways to create a dotted line:

  • 3 asterisks + Enter

  • 3 dashes + Enter

3. Create recurring to-dos

Write in your to-do item, followed by “every” and one of the available occurrences below and it will populate recurrences automatically.

  • every day (ex: “shower every day”)

  • every week (ex: “team meeting every week”)

  • every other week (ex: “get paid every other week”)

  • every month (ex: “pay the rent every month”)

  • every year (ex: “it’s my birthday! every year”)

4. Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate at lightning speed

  • Navigate week-to-week with Shift + Left/Right

(make sure you click onto white space first, versus in text enter mode)

  • Create a new to-do marked as done by holding Option + Enter

5. Never forget these tips

If you need a quick reminder about the above tips, you can find them in the drop-down menu under your username in the top navigation bar.

You can also press Shift + ? for Pro Tips to pop up in your dashboard.