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@teuxdeuxapp new for web users: hide your completed to-do’s! toggle this option on & off in the corner drop down 🙈🙉 #teuxdeux #todolist #productivityhacks #fyp ♬ original sound - TeuxDeux

Now available on web: Hide your completed to-do's! Hide your completed to-do’s is available for web! Toggle this option on & off in the corner drop down 🙈🙉

Someday List with Sarah Kempa 🎙

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Tune in to the first episode of Someday List, a monthly interview series where we sit down with some of our favorite creatives, founders, and entrepreneurs to talk about what they're doing, how they got there, and what they want to tackle next.  Our first interview is with Sarah Kempa, a cartoonist for The New Yorker, and UX designer based in Brooklyn. Check out the first episode below:

teuxtorial #2: mobile demo

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We give you a crash course on managing your to-do lists in the mobile app.  Watch the teuxtorial to learn all the basics in record time!

Our picks for the month

  • We curated the perfect romantic playlist for any occasion 👉 Listen on Spotify

  • This contemplation on the meaning of February

  • Quordle:  9 guesses to figure out four Wordles at once 😰

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  • To Stream: Here are are some of our favs from the month:

    Netflix's Murderville, a true crime show starring Will Arnett and a new celebrity guest star in each episode that has to improvise their way through a police procedural they don't have the script to. Hilarity ensues.

    Severance on Apple TV+, a sci-fi thriller on separating work and life, surgically, that gives us Eternal Sunshine vibes.

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