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Marie Kondo has 'given up' on tidying 🧺

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Late last month, the mother of three & author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, dropped what was apparently a bombshell in that she's tidying a bit less at home and prioritizing time with her family. For a quick refresher, her methodology – the KonMari method – asks us to declutter by tossing out anything that doesn't "spark joy." Her book's popularity culminated in two Netflix series that saw Kondo helping people declutter across the U.S. Why we're Team KonMari 💪 Kondo's tidying advice was never about ruthless, rigid tidiness; it's about taking the time to make thoughtful and intentional choices around what we let occupy our space, our time, and ultimately, our lives. The fact that she's prioritizing family time over having a perfectly tidy home at all times is exemplary of the the KonMari method. It's the kind of organization philosophy that we believe in here at TeuxDeux – organization tools and systems should put your quality of life on a pedestal, rather than the system itself. Your task should you choose to accept it: Be kind to yourself if things fall through the cracks! Sometimes, to-dos roll over a day (or several). We won't hold it against you, promise 😁 Your task should you choose to accept it: Take the initiative and text a friend you haven't heard from in a while.

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To Watch:
  • Poker Face: Natasha Lyonne solves crimes as a plucky, degenerate gambler with a knack for sniffing out B.S. in this delightful mystery series from Knives Out director, Rian Johnson. 

  • Bad Sisters: Apple TV+'s dark comedy thriller that follows the Garvey sisters as they navigate their parents' premature death. "Tew tumbs up." - Gemma.

  • Cocaine Bear: You can't tell me this title doesn't at least intrigue you...

  • Cunk on Earth: Philomena Cunk travels the world to ask the most pressing questions about the world's earliest civilizations. Pour a glass of water, you'll need it for this incredibly dry BBC travel comedy series.

  • Shrinking: Jason Segal and Harrison Ford star in this Apple TV+ series about a grieving therapist who starts to bend the rules. Not to be confused with the Paul-Rudd Marvel feature about a size-changing superhero.

  • The Jason Segal gauntlet of recs from our pal Sandy:

    • Windfall: an unlikely criminal has to face his victims during a heist gone wrong.

    • The Discovery: High concept character driven sci-fi.

    • The End of the Tour: David Foster Wallace bio, all set over the course of a week.

  • Mac McClung dominating the 2023 NBA Dunk Contest.

  • The Last of Us Ep. 3: HBO's breakout series has seen increasing viewership week after week, and it's third episode is being received as one of the best hours of modern television.

  • Your Place or Mine: What happens when two big stars with little to no chemistry and conflicting schedules team up for a rom-com? This Netflix movie starring Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon, apparently...

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Twitter-elected Menswear guy's guide to repairing your own clothes 👕

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