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What's the right amount of PTO?

As work-life norms continue to shift, the concept of unlimited paid time off (PTO) as an employee benefit has gained some popularity. When implemented though, some research shows that it may not be the prince-that-was-promised when it comes to employee benefits.

While unlimited PTO obviously sounds appealing, it can sometimes lead to employees taking less time off due to its ambiguity, the culture of the workplace, and peer pressure surrounding it.

What other options are there?

Rather than having no maximum, one company is trying out a mandatory minimum of 46 days PTO.  They’re hoping to reduce the ambiguity around what’s “acceptable” and encourage their employees to actually take the time off.

Your task should you choose to accept it:

Line up your PTO to take 46 days off!

46 days off
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To Watch:
  • The Bear S2: Jeremy Allen White, Ayo Edibiri and gang return as everyone’s favorite dysfunctional kitchen crew, streaming on Hulu.

  • Past Lives: A24’s deeply moving contemplation of the grief of lives not lived and people we once were, now in theaters.

  • Asteroid City: Wes Anderson’s most at his most Wes Anderson-y. Now in theaters!

  • Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, the sequel to Sony's 2018 animated Spider-Man movie is just as gripping and visually dazzling as the first!

  • Black Mirror S6: the lines between dark, sci-fi cautionary tales and present reality continue to blur in Netflix’s latest season.

To Read:
  • Countries of Origin: Javier Fuentes’ debut novel about queer love and borders, real and imaginary.

  • The Talk: Pulitzer prize-winner Darrin Bell’s graphic memoir about growing up Black in Los Angeles.

  • Directions to Myself: “Heidi Julavits worries about what the world will do to her son—and what he might do to the world.” - The New Yorker.

  • The Fear of Too Much Justice: An urgent examination of the structural failures of the justice system.

  • Pasture: a single-page site with resources for sustainable design, development, and business.

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