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Here are three headlines that had our Slack channel abuzz this month:
  • Adobe is acquiring Figma for $20B:¬†Once touted as the "Adobe-killer," Figma and Adobe announced the acquisition earlier this month in the shot heard 'round the design world. Reactions have been strong but this could be generational-wealth-building amounts of money for Figma employees with stock options. It certainly¬†begs the question, what wouldn't you do for $20 billion? "You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain." - Harvey Dent, The Dark Knight (2008)

  • Don't Worry Darling finally hit theaters with¬†$19M on opening weekend. Early reviews give the impression that the film's tumultuous press tour may be more compelling than anything happening on screen.¬† ¬†

  • Nothing says Fall football like Brett Favre and then-Mississippi governor embezzling¬†$20 million of¬†state¬†welfare funds for¬†sports facilities at his daughter's university ūüôÉ

Don't Worry Darling joke
To Watch:
  • Welcome to Wrexham: A surprisingly compelling sports docuseries following a struggling football club when it's bought up by movie star Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) and his notably less-famous famous friend, Rob McElhenny (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia).

  • Hard Knocks with the Detroit Lions: A surprisingly compelling sports docuseries following a struggling football team as it rebuilds from the ground up.

  • Bee and Puppycat: Lazy in Space: Netflix's reboot of a¬†beloved web series about a meandering 20-something that takes on odd, intergalactic temp jobs to make ends meet.

  • Matt Shearer's reporting in Boston that borders on satire, like this piece on Stow, MA losing its last remaining Dunkin' Donuts.

  • Over the Garden Wall: get into the Fall spirit with Cartoon Network's cult-classic miniseries about two brothers lost in a dark and mysterious forest.

  • Demi Adejuyigbe‚Äôs phenomenal September 21 videos, ranked.

  • Andor: Disney+'s newest¬†Star Wars series that serves as a prequel to 2016'sRogue One, already being lauded as the best live-action Star Wars series to date.

  • Rings of Power: Amazon Prime's very expensive, beautifully shot, LOTR series that takes place in the Middle Earth's Second Age.

  • Cyberpunk: Edge Runners: Netflix's dizzying¬†new anime series based on the hit video game.

To Read:
To Listen: 
  • Adnan Is Out:Serial, the podcast that brought podcasts into the mainstream, releases¬†a new episode¬†as Adnan Syed is released from prison. Sarah Koenig, of course, is on the scene.

  • This catchy song of¬†only made-up English lyrics, by Italian composer Adriano Celentano.

  • Shameless Acquisition Target: Laura Mayer¬†has seen many of her peers in the podcast industry make gobs of money getting¬†acquired. Now, she's making a podcast whose sole purpose is just that.

  • UNDERWATER BOI by Turnstile, from their new album GLOW ON. "Very good for walks." - Kim.¬†

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