teuxtorial #1: A quick web demo

*Updated August 2022 Now that you've signed up for TeuxDeux, you're well on your way to getting organized. We want to take you through all the basics of how to get the most out of the app. It's true that TeuxDeux is simple to use, but getting started with any new productivity app can feel overwhelming.

Setting yourself up for success from the beginning is the key to a to-do list that works for you and this is why we've started our teuxtorials video series. With this series, we aim to help you get up to speed with a to-do list that you'll actually keep up with. We'll teach you everything you need to know to get the most out of TeuxDeux.

Our first teuxtorial is a quick tour and demo of the web app. We include instructions on how to add, edit, move and complete to-dos, as well as formatting your text and creating recurring to-dos. We also go over the hover toolbar and account settings.

Watch teuxtorial #1 below or jump ahead to a timestamp below for a specific section. Decluttering your daily organization and simplifying your life is just a few clicks away!

  • 0:10 Timeline & Someday lists

  • 0:30 Add, Edit, Move, Complete, and Delete to-do's

  • 1:11 Formatting text in TeuxDeux

  • 2:19 Recurring to-do's

  • 2:49 Hover toolbar

  • 4:02 Account settings & Support

This teuxtorial is just the beginning of your journey with TeuxDeux – in upcoming teuxtorials, we'll dive deeper into all the features and functions of the app, so that using TeuxDeux becomes second nature!

In teuxtorial #2, we take you on a comprehensive tour of the mobile app in under 60 seconds. Really, it's that simple! We want to make sure that you get the most out of the app. We'll teach you everything you need to know to get up to speed with TeuxDeux!

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