teuxtorial #1: A quick web demo

Over the past year, we've been heads down, working hard to make under-the-hood improvements, improving reliability, rebuilding our mobile experience, and adding a native Android app to the mix. Sometimes, we get so focused on the work that we forget to look up and welcome all the lovely new faces that have made TeuxDeux a part of their day.

So, in the words of the great poet, Shawn Carter:

"Allow me to reintroduce myself."

This month, we're kicking off a video series to walk new users through some of the basics of TeuxDeux. Our first teuxtorial (see what we did there?) gives you a quick tour and demo of the web app. We cover the basics of adding, editing, moving and completing to-dos, formatting your text with Markdowns, creating recurring to-do's, and where you can find helpful reminders if you can't remember it all at once.

Watch the video here or click a timestamp below to jump to a specific section:

  • 0:00 Welcome!

  • 0:24 Timeline & Someday lists

  • 0:48 Add, Edit, Move, Complete, and Delete to-do's

  • 1:32 Formatting text with Markdowns

  • 2:11 Recurring to-do's

  • 2:41 Pro Tips & Account Settings

  • 3:39 Support, Purpose, & Blog links

Try TeuxDeux on the web for free with a 30 day trial, no card needed.

👉 Put us to the test.

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