What’s Neux

If you logged into TeuxDeux with an eagle eye on Monday, you might’ve noticed a couple small changes…

Signup & Login with Email vs. Username

For most people, it’s easier to remember your email address than yet another username, so we shifted our login credentials to be email based. (This also helps our Support team communicate with you and track down account details more quickly).

Existing Users: Your usernames will still work at login. No need to reset anything! That said, you can no longer edit your username — you must shift to an email address if you want to change your login info.

Click ‘Re-Order Lists’ to move your Someday lists around

Drag and drop, while a delightful UX tool in itself, gets a little sloppy when you’ve got a whole lotta lists. For that reason, you can now open up all your Someday lists in a pop-out and neatly drag and drop things in place from there.

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Prettier Settings pages

The spot for all of your most important account details deserved a makeover, so we did it. Our favorite is the new Colors tab — play around and try on colors in real time to make sure you pick the perfect one.

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Add tasks or drag items to past days & drag items to past days

Having uncrossed-off tasks automatically roll over to the next day is super handy, but sometimes you did the thing and just forgot to cross it off. Keep things organized by dragging items into the past or retroactively adding new items to previous days.

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Lastly: under the hood enhancements to improve performance

Our backend team has been working hard to rewrite some things here and there to make TeuxDeux faster than ever.

Hold us accountable! If you run into anything funky while using the neux TeuxDeux, let us know at help@teuxdeux.com or on Twitter.

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