A beautifully simple way to keep track of the little things.

10+ years of rave reviews

“I’ve tried a million other todo apps and can’t find anything else I like more than TeuxDeux!”

“With your service, I can stay organized in a way that works for me. Yours is the most impactful tool I use. Thank you so much for giving the world this magical helper.”

“Many to-do apps have the feel of a project management tool. TeuxDeux replaces pen and paper in a great way.”

“What makes it so great is that it’s clean and slick and not too complicated.”

Tasks roll over
Unfinished to-dos move to the new day when the clock strikes midnight.

How we Deux it in Brooklyn, NY

Use the ‘timeline’ to schedule tasks on specific days.
They’ll automatically roll over to the next day if you don’t complete them.

Arrange ‘someday’ lists by categories.
“Movies to watch” is not to be taken for granted. Browsing fatigue is real.

Get specific with titles.
You’ll thank yourself later for your list of things to do when “parents are in town!”

Move items from your someday list to your timeline as they arise.
Parents just booked their flight to visit? Open up your timeline and start scheduling your ‘someday’ to dos. (Your parents will be so pleased.)

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