A few good things that happened in 2020

You might not subscribe to our monthly neuxsletter (you're missing out!) where we originally posted this. So if not, we wanted to share our list of 'good things that we did in 2020' with you.

Our proudest 2020 moments

New settings. We got an updated design out for our settings page with some enhancements, like a better color picker and the option to add a promo code (wink, wink) when subscribing to TeuxDeux.

Dark mode. Some call this the best mode.

dark mode gif

Updated (logged-out) homepage. Spruced up teuxdeux.com's design – saved the peaceful Swiss mountains.

Released an Android app. People don't love that it's not native. Some good news for those people: we're going to fix it.

Started this blog to share neuxs with you.

Joined Insta. Follow us!

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